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Eduserwis – who we are

Eduserwis is an IT-consulting firm, which provides services in the field of online education projects by supporting the process of applying innovative e-learning solutions to them. We use our experience and knowledge in this domain in a creative and inventive manner in order to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients. We provide support in the process of including e-learning solutions to teaching projects of corporations, various enterprises, arts and culture institutions, teaching centres, schools and universities. Each e-learning project is treated individually. This means that we engage with the challenges that each program brings with it on a personal basis. In the process of designing and building the technical and methodological framework of each e-learning course we take the specific characteristics of each project into consideration. Designing and implementing e-learning solutions is our passion! During the development of each e-learning course we are creative and we use our experience to achieve the most effective results. From the numerous available solutions, we always find the ones that suit our clients’ needs the best.

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